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You’re on a mission to build techology that changes the world for the better. We’ll provide the tools, documentation, and examples to help you succeed.

Abstract shapes graphic A Durable Toolset Built for Building

Our platform was desgined to withstand the staggering traffic of presidential campaigns and to anticipate for endless customization.

The Groundwork API

Create applications that engage supporters, accept payments, organize events, and more. All within a secure, fast, and reliable ecosystem.

Read the API Docs

The code below uses a demo API key, run it in your terminal to try it out.

curl -X POST
  -u "pub-groundwork.developer-center--P1fOn0YX.U4qBp0.7j9vG5tOW4kz0FlNNPnm6ovCOAMDhHdx9afgiLLATTc8o4xKsbd2_Ei15IQz01vG9BC1iQ:"
  -H "Content-Type: application/json"
  -d '{
    "schemaId": "7ac2dc55-d63c-44f3-9905-968a108dba95",
    "data": {
      "givenName": "Developer",
      "familyName": "Center",
      "email": "[email protected]"


JavaScript is the language of web browsers. Our official JS client makes interacting with The Groundwork API quick and comfortable.

Learn more

The code below is live on this page using a demo API key. Try it out.

import Groundwork from 'groundwork.js';
const gw = new Groundwork({apiKey: 'pub-groundwork.developer-center--P1fOn0YX.U4qBp0.7j9vG5tOW4kz0FlNNPnm6ovCOAMDhHdx9afgiLLATTc8o4xKsbd2_Ei15IQz01vG9BC1iQ'});
const data = {
  givenName: 'Jill',
  familyName: 'Stevens',
  email: '[email protected]',
  password: '1FishRacecar'


A CS degree shouldn’t be required to make an impact. Our drop-in solutions help you get going with minimal coding knowledge.

Meet the Blocks

The code below is live on this page using a demo API key. Try it out.

<!doctype html>
    <div id="payment-block"></div>

Abstract shapes graphic A Rich Feature Set Made for Impact

At every step of our development process we have you and your process in mind. We provide developer-centered APIs and tools to allow you to focus on what you can build, not how you’ll get it done.

Payment Processing

Process one-time donations, create recurring transactions, save credit card info, and process single-click donations.

Payments Docs Meet the Payment Block

Image of a dollar sign in a triangle

Supporter Engagement

Create supporter profiles, mailing lists, surveys, and build custom forms to request input and feedback from your supporters.

Supporters Docs Profiles Docs

Image of a person outline in a triangle

Event Management

Plan and organize grassroots Events. Create and manage event details. Send invitations. Create, sell, and distribute tickets.

Events Docs

Image of a calendar outline in a triangle